Sunday School Ministry

At First Baptist, we have Sunday School classes for all ages. We believe every person should have the opportunity to connect with their individual age group around God's Word. We know that life change happens through relationships & relationships happen in the context of smaller groups. 


Young Adults                       Christian Life Center     

Women 40+                         Conference Room

Women 65+                         Sanctuary          

Men                                      Sanctuary                       

65+ Co-Ed                           Sanctuary         


7-8th Grade                         Christian Life Center

9-12th Grade                       Christian Life Center


Bed Babies                           Children's Building (right wing)

3-4 Year Olds                       Children's Building (middle classroom)

Kindergarten                        Children's Building (left wing)

1st-2nd Grade                      Children's Building (left wing)

3rd-4th Grade                      Children's Building (left wing)

5-6th Grade                         Children's Building (left wing)